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At Dux Trucking, we break the barriers of distance on roads in Brazil and the United States.

Dux Trucking

We started our custom work in road freight when, in 2015, we saw the need for logistical demands and lack of criticality and cost services. Trucking emerged as the second division of Dux Logistics, two years after the start of Forwarding.

The first operations were made for airlines in Brazil and, with the exponential growth of the company, our team diversified the markets in which it operates. We have more than 300,000kms run for a specific sector: food & beverage! And we are partners with one of the biggest Dutch brewery brands.


With a team of drivers with years of experience on roads and nationwide coverage with combined support, we also work with specialized transport in aviation turbines with pneumatic trailers, collections at ports and airports, cargo deliveries in DI, collections for import and export, DTA/TC2, and TC4.

In road freight, we work 24/7. With Control Tower, each partner has access to specific cargo data, active follow-up, and real-time tracking.

What we are experts at

Not sure what your specific need as a Dux partner is? Let’s go forward! Read below and understand it:

Cargo Trucking

Cargo Trucking

Traditional and general cargo transport. The Dux Trucking team works in a personalized and strategic way, selecting the best vehicle in our fleet and planning the best routes for logistical demands anywhere in Brazil and the United States.

Fast Trucking | E-commerce

Also known as door to door. With fast trucking, our team operates in the transport of conventional cargo: deliveries to the end consumers of our partners, in the homes of individuals or a location predetermined by the customer.

Fast Trucking
Aog Tricking

Aog Trucking

With road transport, we also make it happen wherever there is an aircraft waiting for maintenance to continue its journey. In this option, we transport your cargo following the D+0. Every day we experience time-critical boarding aimed at the aeronautical sector and, with dynamism, we can make any aircraft fly again.

Pharma & Healthcare

Dux Trucking is certified for road transport of medicines and pharmaceutical supplies by the main agency of the Ministry of Health, ANVISA. On Pharma & Healthcare, we also have specialized vehicles and we are committed to working safely in the mobility of any healthcare ingredient.


Food & beverage

We solve transport challenges dedicated to companies in the food & beverage market, customizing routes for raw materials to stretches for the final product. With a fleet of specialized vehicles, our team has daily experience with operations for this type of business.

Cases Dux Trucking

How we have already boosted our partners

Dux and Cacau Show

Initial operation with 20 processes for the network of fine chocolates in Brazil, with shipment for container collection in Santos and delivery to the factory in Itapevi – SP. Currently, Dux Trucking is the exclusive transport company of Cacau Show’s containers for this route, receiving, if necessary, cargo from other countries.


Food & Beverage Operations

At Trucking, we also actively work for one of the largest breweries in Brazil and Europe. We carry out the daily collection of bottles with the Sider truck in São Paulo and deliver them to factories in Araraquara and Jacareí, with the same process already completed with the initial route in Argentina. For the company, DI/import collections are also made at airports. We have already delivered to a total of 16 factories in the country.

It’s part of our history

Dux Trucking is certified by ANVISA – Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.


So, do you have any doubts?

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