The importance of the AOG operation for the worldwide immunization against Covid-19

The new coronavirus has transformed the way we live and challenged business and market areas; the supply chain was one of the affected areas.

Vaccination in Brazil and worldwide

In January 2021, almost a year after the start of the pandemic in Brazil, a nurse was the first person vaccinated in the country. Two immunizers were approved for emergency use by Anvisa: CoronaVac, from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac in collaboration with the Butantan Institute, and the one from Astrazeneca/Oxford University, developed together with Fundação Oswaldo Cruz.

Initiating immunization not only on Brazilian grounds, but in other countries, brought to light the responsibility of distributing the vaccine economically, quickly and, of course, safely. According to Pfizer’s supply-chain vice president Tanya Alcorn to The Wall Street Journal, “It’s the biggest-ever vaccination campaign.”

The Immunization Scenario for Logistics

In logistics, the transport operation that can be considered the most critical and necessary in the last 100 years is completed by multiple modes, and its key part is the air loading of the cargo.

Having aircraft driving as the solid basis of an operation demands extra attention to a possible part of the process: AOG (Aircraft on ground), a term borrowed from aviation to indicate maximum priority in air shipments, in this case, applied to the Pharma & Healthcare segment.

An aircraft has the autonomy to make complete deliveries (door-to-door), carry out initial (first mile) or final (last mile) stretches of a given route. When an aircraft is unable to perform any of these stretches, we say that it is on “ground” or “grounded”, this as a reference to the AOG term.

Therefore, it is important that every aircraft operator has an efficient logistical and maintenance system to prevent AOG situations, or act quickly to recover the airworthiness of an aircraft. Thus, new flights can be taken, with the proper security reestablished, of course.

But after all, what is the importance of AOG for the current pandemic scenario?

According to worldwide data released by Johns Hopkins University, there are currently more than 150,000,000 million cases of infection of the new coronavirus and about 3,168,601 deaths. I.e. transporting the vaccine and immunizing the world’s population is almost a “race against time”, which means that every second that an aircraft remains stationary reduces the chance of rapid and mass vaccination.

The role of the logistic operator

From this perspective, it is up to each company in the logistics sector to strictly comply with the Nfo – Next Flight Out processes, and we are included in this!At Dux Logistics, working for the agency company, Dux Forwarding, we ship cargo on the next available flight, following the D+0.

Good news for the current pandemic scenario

Finally, the good news is that, according to an article published by Folha, the world surpassed the mark of one billion vaccines administered against Covid-19 on April 24, approximately 128 doses for every 1,000 inhabitants of the world population. Our team continues to hope that this period ends as soon as possible and that we can go back to living our “normal”. Now that you know the importance of AOG for the moment we are living in, click here to read other content on our Blog.

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